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How Can Remote Control Blinds Save you Energy and Money?

April 16, 2012

Hunter Douglas Country Wood with Power Tilt

Buying remote control blinds seems like an oxymoron when it comes to savings.  How can a device that cost you money up front, and takes a current of some sort to operate possible save you money? 

Remote control blinds are actually great for saving you money.  They can operate with a hand held device, a non wired and wired wall switch. 

So how is this going to help?  Many windows in our homes are hard to reach and therefore are left either opened or closed because they are just to darn high.  Oh, there are poles that you can purchase to reach these high areas and where do you put them? How easy and simple would it be to just hit say, a wall switch on the way out the door to shut all the windows in a room or in all the rooms at the same time?  

How about optimizing on natures light patterns.  In the winter most of us want to capture the suns heat and in the summer we want to pull our shades against the scorching aspects of the sun.  

Most of us work outside of our home, so how do we accomplish this you ask?  There are devices to help with this.  Your blinds can be hooked up to a timer.  This timer can tell your blinds to raise or lower, tilt, or open and shut  to the specific times that you pick. You can also use a device that adheres to your window pane that picks up on the solar energy.  It has a summer mode and a winter mode to effectively control your blinds. 

With non-hardwired devices, blinds can accommodate not just a few select homes but all of our homes. It is amazing how technology has raised the bar to meet the everyday consumer’s needs and budgets.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Powerglide 2.1 Platunum Technology

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Powerrise 2.1

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