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Easter Egg Dyeing the Natural Way-No Harmful Dyes

April 6, 2012

Here we are and it is already Good Friday.  With that in mind I would like to talk about egg dying.  This was one of my favorite holiday projects to do with my kids when they were young.  Easter colors are so fun and the eggs were so beautiful. 

In all the years of eye dying I often though I would like to dye my eggs with natural dyes made of vegetables or fruits. My friend years ago showed me some eggs her mother dyed by wrapping the eggs in onion skins then boiling them in a water bath.  She never said how her mom secured the skins or if she even secured them at all.  The beauty of this process is that they are cooked and dyed in the same step. 

These eggs were dyed using this method.   Cotton string was wrapped around the eggs to secure the skins in place.  This left a nice pattern on the one egg.  If you wanted to bring up the color I would suggest rubbing them with a tiny bit of vegetable oil and you will see more of the marbling effect.

If you don’t want to experiment on your own the Better Homes and Garden online has put together a nice collection of recipes using vegetables and fruit.

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