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Is Your Small Bathroom in Need of a Manicure? Part III

March 27, 2012

 Are you wondering what this picture to your left has anything to do with a bathroom design.  You would be surprised as to how powerful this picture along with some other tricks can help you find your style.

Click our clients name, Jim and Sarah to see how we outfitted their small powder room.

As I have said before finding your design style is going to take
a little digging.  For this we need to go deep.  What style is your style?  How do you want your room or home to look?  First off,  if  you are only planning on redoing one room it will have to reflect the style of the rest of the home so it won’t feel out of place.  If you plan on re- doing all the rooms, well you have a full menu choice, so where to begin?    Pick up your shovel, here we go.

  • Make a list of wants and needs.
  • Describe in a paragraph or two your description of your
    family and/or yourself
  • Collect concept pictures.  These don’t have to be linked
    to a product. These are pictures that move you in some
  • Now make a list of descriptive words that connect to the
    pictures for example: Natural…Clean…Bright…
  • Write a paragraph that describes the new place.  This is
    most helpful as it makes you really think about the space.
    It also puts it out there.  I am a firm believer in once it is
    out of your head and down on paper it is easier to
  • Collect pictures of the items you want to put in your
    space keeping in mind they must always fulfill your
  • You may put in one item that is maybe, a little off, or out
    there. It will add curiosity to your space.
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