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Is Your Small Bathroom in Need of a Manicure? Part II

February 2, 2012
Is Your Small Bathroom in Need of a Manicure? Part II

Do you want to save money on your re-do?  If you’re not skilled in construction I might suggest destruction. This simple skill can save you money and get rid of any daily frustrations.  

 Here are some easy steps you can take: 

  • Remove wall accessories and plugs.  You may have to cut lip off of the wall plug and push it into the wall.  This will keep the hole patching to a minimum.

    Remove lip of wall anchors and push into the wall

  • Unscrew face plates being careful not to touch any metal on the inside of the electrical boxes. I zapped myself once and luckily I had a screwdriver with a non conductive handle so all that happened was a gigantic spark.

Remove faceplate

  • On plastic wall paper you may have to score the wall paper to ready for steaming. In some cases the plastic layer peals off to reveal a paper layer that may have to be steamed off.

    Wallpaper score device. Roll device around on paper making little score marks

  • Steam the area or use a chemical product found at most hardware stores for loosening the paste.  Scrape with a putty knife being careful not to gouge the wall. Also be careful not to over steam as this will take the paper layer off the sheet rock.

    Steaming the wallpaper and scraping with a putty knife


  • Remove floor tile.  The mastic holding the tile down may be dried out that it no longer held the tile to the floor.  Removal in that case quick and easy.  If not there are tile scrapers that can be purchase or possible rented to scrape the tile off the floor.

    Tiles in this case removed easily


  • Leave the lights and plumbing to the experts. There would be nothing worse than electrocuting yourself or flooding your home.

Check back on future blogs to see the solutions and results to this small problematic bathroom.

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