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So it is a Day before Christmas and All Through the House… There is Total Chaos and You Just Want to Shout.

December 24, 2011

Branches in a Decorative Pot

You have just been informed that Aunt Edna came down with a contagious flu and she was hosting the Christmas dinner extravaganza this year. 

Somehow you were roped in to having the big dinner.  The problem is you are not prepared. Panic is setting in as your house is not as festive as you would want it to be. Face it spending extra money was not in the agenda. 

No worries, there are items around most homes that will make it a little easier on you.

 For years I have scoured my home and yard for items to decorate with.  It has not only saved me money but also time.   I have selected a few I found online to get your creative juices flowing.   

Our feature picture from Iroonie is as easy as it gets. Place branches in a pot and throw on those extra decorations you didn’t have room for on the tree.  This makes a great center piece or can warms an unfriendly corner of a room.

  •  From Free Home Decorating Ideas. If you live in the north you probably have access to Arborvitae bushes.  Trim the bushes a little and use the trimmings to decorate pots, wreaths and candles. By the way they smell great.

Arborvitae Candle Holder

Served up from Real Simple. Do you have extra candy canes, sugar, marshmallows, chocolate chips in your cupboard?  They look great arranged in a grouping and after the meal they can be used to sweeten hot beverages.

Edibles in Glasses

Pine cones are natures abundant decorations.  They not only look great in a glass container but also work great for starting fires in the fireplace. Thank you Inspiration for Home.

Pinecones in Glass Containers

Small Place Style says “Scrabble any one?”  Easy, simple and fun center piece.  After dinner you may want to challenge your guest to a holiday word challenge, only placing words on the board that have to do with the holidays
Scrabble Holiday Greetings


I love this idea from The Inspired Room. Who knew recyled jar candle holders with epsom salts snow could look so good.  This snow will hold up all night and at the end of the evenings festivities you can soak your aching feet in a nice hot water salt  foot bath
Recycled Jar Candle holder with Epsom Salts
Now go forth and create.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
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